What is Financial Fitness?

Financial fitness is not just tracking spend or your FICO score. It’s a lot more than that and Finmagix can help!

Here’s why you need to improve your financial fitness with Finmagix

Just tracking spend with a spend app is not enough!

You need to understand your complete financial health

We have created the Financial Fitness Score* that distills your financial fitness into one number so it’s easier for you to track.

*Patent Pending Status

Fitness Score vs FICO Score

Finmagix does a holistic assessment of your finances as compared to your FICO score that only measures your creditworthiness. FICO is not a good measure of your financial wellness!

Current advisory model is broken! Most advisors make commission based on the asset value they manage thus limiting access to quality financial advice for 85% of the US population!

That’s where Finmagix comes in!

It’s free, secure and personalised financial coaching!

Track your fitness score, follow your action plans to see notable improvements in your financial wellness!