Poor Personal Finances is the

#1 Stressor in America Today

Addressing the Financial Stress Epidemic: Insights and Impacts on
Americans' Well-being and Stability


Americans are stressed about money


Respondents in survey feeling financially stressed


Americans said that financial anxiety made them feel depressed sometimes every month


Identified financial stability as the most essential charactersitic of having a good perspetive on life


Americans have less than 3 months of emergency savings


Median net-worth according in 2019


Average savings rate as of November 2022


Average 401K Balance in Q3’ 2022

Also, the Advisory Coaching Industry and Personal Finance Apps Do Not Address this Issue Sufficiently


Americans acording to a 2019 CNBC Acornsn poll use Financial Advisors


of Americans are not attractive to financial advisors from an income standpoint under the dominanct AUIM


Is the average USD per hour cost for a financial coach! Most beleive financial Advisors are too expensive

< 5%

Employees use wellness programs through EAP and many apps focus mostly on spend management

Finmagix Takes a 3-step Approach to Holistic
Financial Fitness

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Starting with a consolidated fitness score based on user input

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Delivers a detailed report with itemized add actionable suggestions

Not a one-time activity but managed Financial Fitness by You

Finmagix puts YOU in control reducing the dependencies on advisors and/or
expensive methods to set measurable, achievable and meaningful goals

Product Overview

Why FinMagix for Employees?


Employee Benefits

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