Are you financially fit?

Improve your financial fitness !! Like a regular health checkup with your doctor, Finmagix will analyze your financial health and recommend actions to fix it! We are confident this will set you on the path to financial freedom!

What is the Finmagix Financial Fitness Report?

Like your regular health check-up, the Finmagix Financial Fitness Report is a free, comprehensive fitness test of all your finances:


We will summarise your fitness in each of these areas with our patent pending Financial Fitness Score that summarises your overall financial fitness. Track it monthly, and see a significant improvement in your financial fitness!

How will Finmagix make my life better?

Understanding your financial fitness is the first and critical step towards financial freedom.

The current pricing models exclude 85% of the US population from quality financial planning advice. Most firms have asset minimums and expect you to be wealthy already. This is like a personal trainer requiring you to be fit before they’ll work with you!

You don’t need a financial coach! You got this with Finmagix!

You can run a fitness test in 5-10 mins and get a personalized action plan that you can follow.

It’s $500 – $750 of value absolutely Free!

We do not ask for SSN or any bank information!

We use leading technologies to keep your data secure. We encrypt all your data!

Financial Fitness Score (Consolidated)
FICO Score

How do I proceed?

It’s simple! Sign Up for an account using your Google account or your email.

Follow the instructions in the app to input your data. It will take only 5-10 mins!

Your fitness report will be ready with a step by step action plan to improve your fitness.

Repeat every month to track your progress.

Discover financial fitness


Discover how Finmagix can help you assess your financial fitness

Regardless of your age or your current financial situation, Finmagix can help you get financially fitter!


  • Early in career
  • Manage spend


  • Building savings
  • Starting to build assets

Family With Kids

  • Increasing net worth
  • Planning for college
  • Build retirement portfolio
  • Insurance planning

Approaching Retirement

  • Track your net worth
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement savings

Corporate financial wellness

We offer free financial fitness training to your employees

Financial stress is one of the major reasons for absence from work. Finmagix is happy to work with your organization to offer training about improving financial fitness.

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